VIDEO: V-Mart and Grant Balfour exchange f-bombs,benches clear in Tigers 6-3 Game 3 loss


The MLB Network apparently has really good on-field mics as f-bombs were clearly heard during what was probably not an exchange of dinner plans between Victor Martinez and A’s closer Grant Balfour.

The incident between the two occurred during the bottom of the 9th after Martinez fouled off a Balfour 1-2 pitch. V-Mart appeared to take exception to something Balfour did and proceeded to give the A’s reliever the death stare as described by Mr. Rage himself.

And Martinez’s response…

Both benches eventually cleared after V-Mart approached Balfour on the mound while the MLB Network broadcast took a direction that would make Samuel L. Jackson very proud.

Balfour and the A’s went on to win the game 6-3 and take a 2-1 series lead in the divisional series between the two teams. I also doubt there’s much carry over from this given the stakes of today’s game, especially for the Tigers.

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