Pistons guard Brandon Jennings got punched by a rapper at his birthday celebration



It was a TMZ type of day yesterday learning about Nate Burleson’s unfortunate incident with a car, pizza and highway median wall. Today that same feel persist with the news coming out over the weekend that newly signed Pistons guard Brandon Jennings was apparently punched at his birthday celebration in Los Angeles by a rapper who goes by the moniker The Game.

According to Hip Hollywood, Jennings and The Game (who The Big Lead describes as a ‘burly rapper from Compton’) got into a confrontation when the rapper felt that Jennings was ‘hogging’ the club’s (Lure) microphone which The Game frequents.

“Game feels like Toxic is his, and he didn’t like that Jennings was hogging the microphone. He felt like he was being disrespected,” one person who witnessed the altercation tells us. “Game tried to have words with him, and it just escalated quickly and Game hit Brandon in the mouth,” another source says.

Luckily for Jennings, the guard wasn’t injured except for maybe his ego in the incident. This was especially good news for the Pistons who acquired Jennings from the Bucks after he signed a 3-year, $25 million contract extension.


The Game also appears to be an old Seattle Super Sonics fan…

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