If the Playoffs Start Today, Who’s on the Tigers Roster



If I, Adam Waltersdorf, is in charge of making the 25 man playoff roster for the Detroit Tigers, this is who I’m keeping on and sending home.

Pitchers (11)

If I have my way, Max Scherzer is getting the ball in Game 1.

If I have my way, Max Scherzer is getting the ball in Game 1.

  • Starters (4)
    • 37 Max Scherzer – RHP
      • Jim Leyland doesn’t start guys on short rest. He’ll pitch game 1 and 5 in the first series, and would start game 1 i the ALCS if the wrap it up early.
    • 19 Anibal Sanchez – RHP
      • I wouldn’t mind him starting the opener of the ALDS, but he would go and start the opener of the ALCS if it takes five games to get there.
    • 35 Justin Verlander – RHP
      • I would perfer Verlander to be “Lincecumed”, and thrown into the pen as a every other game fireballer in relief, but it won’t happen.
    • 58 Doug Fister – RHP
      • If Dougie Fresh is on, he’s a darn good pitch to contact pitcher, but if he’s not, he gets hit HARD. He’s still the best #4 starter in the league.
  • Bullpen (7)
    • 53 Joaquin Benoit – RHP
      • Been a lights out closer since taking over the job. Playoff pressure hasn’t gotten to him in the past.
    • 33 Drew Smyly – LHP
      • Has stumbled of late, but is still the best left handed reliever on the staff.
    • 31 Jose Veras – RHP
      • Been a solid late inning releiver since he came over from Houston.
    • 52 Jose Alvarez – LHP
      • Since Phil Coke can’t hack it and you need a second lefty in the pen, Alvarez is the next guy up. If it doesn’t work out after the first series, drop him for the second round and pick up another righty off the 40 man roster.
    • 21 Rick Porcello – RHP
      • Should be in the rotation the way he’s pitched lately, but won’t be because the guy he would bounce is Justin Verlander. Will pitch the 6th or 7th Inning in a tight ball game.
    • 36 Luke Putkonen – RHP
      • Despite not having been able to pitch much lately or in critical situations all year, he’s had a super solid season. He’s sporting a 2.81 ERA with 25 k’s in 25 2/3 innings. The only truly scary stat is 4 home runs given up in only those 25 innings.
    • 43 Bruce Rondon – RHP *If Healthy
    • 38 Jeremy Bonderman – RHP *If Healthy
    • 62 Al Alburquerque – RHP
      • Out of all the guys that have been pitching in live games recently, Alburquerque has been terrible, but won’t be essentially starting over since he’s pitched in multiple games in this month. 

Position Players (14)

alex avila 2

Alex Avila has been tearing the cover off the ball of late. In my opinion, he will be your starting catcher until they lose the DH in the World Series.

  • Catchers (2)
    • 13 Alex Avila
      • While he only has a slash line of .222/.312/.379 on the season he’s been tearing the cover off the ball in September with a slash line of .372/.460/.628. He’s getting hot at the right time.
    • 55 Brayan Pena
      • He is having a career year with a .305/.323/.405 in 66 games, but hasn’t been playing much lately because of huge defensive issues. Since you have to carry a backup catcher, he’s going to be the guy.
  • Infielders (6)
    • 24 Miguel Cabrera – 3B RH
      • No brainer, he’s the best player in the game.
    • 28 Prince Fielder – 1B LH
      • After stumbling for most of the season, Fielder has been super hot slashing a .377/.418/.590 with 3 HR and 10 RBI in 16 games this month.
    • 1 Jose Iglesias – SS RH
      • He’s got the slickest glove in the game and has changed the Tigers for the positive since he rolled into town.
    • 4 Omar Infante – 2B RH
      • He’s your second baseman and has been driving the ball of late.
    • 39 Ramon Santiago – UTIL SH
      • He’s your utility guy who can play three spots defensively in a pinch. If he gets more than 5 ab’s in the playoffs, you’re screwed anyway.
    • 26 Hernan Perez – UTIL RH
      • He’s that playoff guy that will just be on the roster to pinch run. Isn’t a super base stealing threat, but runs well enough to get 1st to 3rd or score on a lazer to an outfielder from 2nd base.
  • Outfielders (4)
    • 14 Austin Jackson – CF RH
      • Although he still has more strikeouts than games played, he’s otherwise driving the ball. having his second best month of the year in September, he will be a starter in every contest unless there is an injury.
    • 12 Andy Dirks – LF LH
      • He will be a platoon against right handed starters. He’s been a .263/.328/.373 against RHP for the season, but has been hitting .318/.366/.455 for the last month. Another guy that is getting hot at the right time.
    • 48 Torii Hunter – RF RH
      • He’s been bad this last month, hitting only .239/.253/.380, drawing only one walk. He’s a veteran with lots of playoff experience, so he’s not going anywhere.
    • 27 Jhonny Peralta – LF RH
      • If the Tigers are willing to play Delmon Young on defense in the playoffs, Jhonny Peralta can’t be any worse. He’s going to hit the ball (hopefully) to hold down a platoon role against left handed pitching. Before the suspension, he was hitting .347/.400/.556 against lefties this season.
  • Other (2)
    • 41 Victor Martinez – C/DH SH
      • V-Mart is leading the league in hits since the All-Star Break, it is amazing what he’s been doing over the last several months. He’ll bat fifth until the end in this lineup.
    • 32 Don Kelly – UTIL LH
      • Donny baseball. He’s the best 25th man on any MLB roster. He’s been a solid as a rock role player with many timely hits, and at the same time has been defensively brilliant.

Notable Guys I’m Sending Home:

Phil Coke 2

Poor Phil Coke, he just can’t get anyone out.

  • LHP Phil Coke
    • He just can’t get anyone out. You want to be able to root for the guy, but you just can’t.
  • LF Matt Tuiasosopo
    • Couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat, couldn’t hit a beach ball if that’s what the pitchers were throwing at him.  His 2nd half slash line is a putrid .179/.267/.224. You can’t keep him around, I would be even keep prospect Nick Castellanos over Tuiasosopo at this point.
  • The two other bullpen pitchers listed above who depending on who’s healthy.


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