Lions Week 2: The Good the Bad and the VILE



After a slew of positives to take out of the Lions’ Week 1 win against Minnesota Vikings we’re left stretching for just that after a very Lion-esque performance Sunday against the Cardinals.

So with that said let’s just get to it for this week’s The Good, the Bad and the VILE.

The Good

Matthew Stafford

The conversation circling around Matthew Stafford has been eerily quiet coming off the loss against the Cardinals. Why? Because Stafford had another good game leaving many of the detractors little to bitch about. The Lions signal caller went 24/36 for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns looking pretty sharp in the process. And despite the loss of the Reggie Bush, Stafford didn’t force the issue with Calvin Johnson who also had a productive day.

The Bad

Reggie Bush’s injury concerns…

Unlike Week 1 Reggie Bush was a non-factor in Week 2 due to a glut of injuries heading into Sunday and the knee issue he developed during the game. In the season opener against Minnesota Bush had a total of 21 touches for 90 yards on the ground. It looked as though this was the same game plan against Arizona which leaves many wondering if his workload has to be reduced to keep him healthy and a week to week factor in the game plan.

I can almost hear the Jim Schwartz excuse in future Monday pressers…


Jim Schwartz

I guess I’m tired of simply pointing the finger at the penalties as to why the Lions lost another game (not just stemming from this season). In Week 1 the Lions had a total of 11 penalties for 88 yards but still managed to rattle off a win against the Vikings. Sunday they once again took too many dumb penalties for a whopping total of 101 penalty yards. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Seattle Seahawks or the Jacksonville Jaguars your not winning consistently if you’re racking up 100+ yards in penalties. AND at this point it all goes back the head coach since absolutely nothing has changed regarding team discipline.


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