REPORT: NFL considering fining Suh $100,000 for low hit



That’s not a type in the headline everyone, according to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer the NFL is considering fining Lions DT Ndamukong Suh $100,000 for his low hit on Vikings C John Sullivan this past Sunday.

Now it was originally thought that a suspension and not a fine would end up being a bigger punishment for Suh given him being a second overall draft pick in 2010 which was the last season a rookie cap was set in place. However this past offseason Suh and the Lions restructured his contract reducing his salary to $630,000 that in turn reduced his game checks to $37,000.


So why so much for a low hit?

Well first you have to factor in the reputation that Suh has garnered himself throughout his first three seasons in the league. The stomp two Thanksgivings ago against Green Bay and the kick to Schaub last year has left Suh with little credibility to try and say that he didn’t mean to go low or that it wasn’t his intention to injure an opposing player. Then there is that intent to injure factor since it was undeniably low and dirty no matter which picture you try to paint with it. Not to mention the low hits seem to be the next big area the NFL will try to address.

So if this is in fact what the NFL intends to do it’s obviously bad for Suh but good news for the Lions and their fans since arguably their best defensive player won’t miss any playing time.

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