VIDEO: Miguel Cabrera ejected after being hit by a pitch in Chicago


And here we go again with MLB umpires injecting themselves too much into a baseball game.

During the first inning of tonight’s Tigers/White Sox game, third baseman Miguel Cabrera was struck in the leg by a pitch from Chicago’s Chris Sale. However instead of taking first base home plate umpire Brian Gorman called Cabrera on a swinging strike as the All-Star pleaded to get an appeal to no avail. After fouling off the next pitch Cabrera continued to argue the previous call before Gorman ultimately tossed him.

Upon the ejection Leyland immediately came out of the dugout to argue the call himself and defend his best hitter in the midst of a pennant chase. In turn Leyland was also ejected but didn’t go as quietly as he continued to make his point heard for several minutes both on the field and in the dugout following Cabrera.

Ramon Santiago ended up taking over for Cabrera.

Now whether or not Cabrera swung at the pitch isn’t the issue here, it’s over zealous umpires putting themselves in positions that quite frankly they shouldn’t be. The ejection was totally unwarranted especially if it’s coming down to a simple appeal that most umpires would usually grant even if the batter requesting it isn’t a super star. Basically baseball needs to take a good long look at what’s going on with their umpires since in the long run this could very well be bad for business.

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