Torii Hunter drops hints that off the field issues are taking their toll on Prince Fielder at the plate (AUDIO)


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Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter was a guest on the debut edition of Ryan & Rico on the newly formed Detroit Sports 105.1FM and immediately let the fans in on a pretty interesting tidbit concerning Prince Fielder.

Right off the bat, Hunter hinted to hosts Ryan Emranni and Rico Beard that Prince Fielder (who is currently having his worst year professionally at the plate) could be affected by some off the field issues when it comes to his lack of production at the plate in 2013.

Fielder responded to Hunter’s comments on the radio which again led some to believe of off the field issues for Prince.

Now you can obviously draw your own conclusions as to what’s bothering Fielder at the plate. Could it be issues with this father, former Tiger Cecil Fielder or perhaps a pending divorce from his wife Chanel?

Perhaps Torii dropped gave more of an impression on exactly what the issue was.

Again all pure speculation but the growing thought is a pending divorce from his wife who is rarely seen on road trips and the Comerica Park suites this season according to Jeff Moss of the DetroitSportsRag.com. Further Moss points out the “Uncork for a Cause with Prince Fielder” charity event in which both Prince and Chanel were suppose to attend but cancelled without any explanation beyond it being circumstances beyond our control. 

Either way Fielder’s current OPS of .784 would be his worst over a full season by nearly 50 points according to ESPN while he is no longer a nightmare for righties (.171 this season, 60th in the League) and unable to hit the fastball.


Perhaps the good news from a pure fans standpoint is Fielder is still hitting the ball hard, very hard. A check on Sportvision/MLBAM, the average speed of the ball coming off Fielder’s bat is 83.5 MPH which is up nearly two MPH from last season and up five MPH from 2010.

So appears as though any steep decline isn’t because of a physical decline in skill but a mental. Hopefully though Fielder can put any off the field issue behind him as a .290 or .280 hitting Prince would greatly benefit the Tigers down the stretch and into the playoffs. Then again though we’re all human and easier said than done.

Good luck Prince.

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