Will Justin Verlander also pursue legal action against Jack Clark?



Today it was announced that Angels first baseman Albert Pujols would pursue legal action against Jack Clark after the former MLB slugger (and now former radio host) made allegations that Pujols used PEDs.


Clark though didn’t stop in his claims with Pujols. He also named former MLB outfielder Shawn Green and Tigers ace Justin Verlander as those he suspects as using performance enhancing drugs.

“Verlander was like Nolan Ryan, he threw 97, 98, 100 miles an hour from the first inning to the ninth inning,” Clark said on the air. “He got that big contract, now he can barely reach 92, 93. What happened to it? He has no arm problems, nothing’s wrong. It’s just the signs are there.

“The greed … they juice up, they grab the money and it’s just a free pass to steal is the way I look at it.”

Since then however Clark has come out stating he’s never accused Verlander (or Green) of PED usage:

Yes it’s true  Jack Clark never used fact when mentioning Verlander or Green his his statements about PEDs however it’s pretty obvious that he was liking it all together. And because of that Verlander too was for every right reason pretty upset about the claims referring to Clark’s statements as moronic and perhaps like Pujols taking legal action against him (Clark).

Verlander hesitated when asked if Clark’s accusations might prompt action by Verlander’s attorney. He later allowed, “Could be, yeah.”

Lastly it was largely irresponsible for Clark to make the statements he did about Pujols but especially Green and Verlander especially considering the platform. However in today’s day and age of baseball you cannot help but wonder and be a little suspicious considering the ongoing problem of PEDs in the game. If you’re placing blame on Clark, make sure you place the blame on guys like Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Nelson Cruz and even Jhonny Peralta who continue to keep the cloud of performance enhancing drugs squarely over Major League Baseball.

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