Did Brandon Jennings spill the beans on the Pistons trade prior to it going down?


Did Brandon Jennings let the world know that he was about to be dealt to the Pistons before the deal even went down?

During the Drew League this past Sunday in Los Angeles Jennings posed with NBA player marketer wearing a old Pistons bad boys t shirt. And as we know now the Pistons trade that sent Brandon Knight to the Bucks for Jennings didn’t get finalized until late afternoon yesterday.

So was Jennings tipping the hand of the Pistons and Bucks? Perhaps that was the case considering it may take days for trades of this sort to get worked out so it’s certainly possible that Jennings was laying some hints at to where he would be playing in 2013-14. However this wouldn’t be the first time an pro athlete wore old school apparel of a team they don’t play for… In fact this isn’t the first time Jennings was decked out in old school Pistons gear.

Here is a much younger Jennings sporting an old Grant Hill Pistons jersey before the team went senile and switched to those awful maroon monstrosities.

So it’s plausible Jennings has a soft spot for the Pistons and got excited that he could finally break out his Detroit merch as a member of the team. Either way what is known is that the Pistons are a better team with him on it.

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