What did Cabrera say to earn himself an ejection Sunday?


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Aside from the Tigers decimating the Phillies 12-4 Sunday completing the three game sweep the other big story to come out of yesterday’s game was Miguel Cabrera getting tossed by home plate umpire Chad Fairchild.

The incident occurred during the third inning during a bases loaded one out situation with the Tigers down 1-0 and the best hitter on the planet at the plate. Cabrera took a strike one call that looked as though he didn’t quite agree with before stepping back into the batters box to continue his at bat. It was during the second strike call that Cabrera once again stepped out of the box, muttered something the Fairchild who promptly ejected Cabrera to an amazed Comerica Park crowd.

Now Cabrera’s toss from the game came under tremendous speculation considering the apparent calm demeanor Cabrera had at the plate. Immediately Rod Allen and Mario Impemba pointed out during the FSD broadcast that Fairchild was the same umpire who ejected Luke Putkonen a couple weeks ago for throwing behind Alexi Ramirez of the White Sox after issuing zero warnings.  Fairchild also leads the Major’s in total ejections this season with eight so he either hates the Tigers, just loves to eject players and/or managers or both right?

After Sunday’s game Fairchild was pretty tight lipped on what exactly Cabrera said to earn the toss. In fact according to USA Today Fairchild would only go as far to say that Cabrera was arguing balls and strikes.

“I called strike one, and he began to argue balls and strikes,” Fairchild said. “I warned him to stop, but after the second pitch, he began to argue balls and strikes again — and was removed from the game.”

And when asked if Cabrera used an expletive Fairchild responded with;

“He was removed from the game for arguing balls and strikes,” Fairchild said. “What exactly he said will be in our report.”

Cabrera on the other hand told CBS Detroit what he said to Fairchild that got the umpire all worked up;

“I said, ‘That was horrible,’” Cabrera recounted, “and he said, ‘You called me horrible,’ so he threw me out.”

Needless to say Cabrera’s teammates were pretty stunned that Cabrera got tossed along with Jim Leyland who stood up for his slugger and eventually getting himself tossed as well.

Others though believe the reasoning behind Cabrera’s ejection was based on his use of a gay slur.

According to Steve Neavling, a former Free Press writer and current blogger for Motor City Muckracker, Cabrera ‘appeared to call Fairchild a homo’ after apparently using the same slur against former teammate Fernando Rodney a few weeks back.

Cabrera appeared to call Fairchild a “homo.”

After the game, Fairchild wouldn’t divulge what Cabrera uttered but said that it will be in his report about the ejection.

On June 29, Cabrera also appeared to call Rays closer Fernando Rodney a “maricón,” the Spanish equivalent of “faggot.”

We tried to get a comment via Twitter from Mr. Neavling on what basis he had to write the story given the seriousness of the allegation. He has yet to respond so you can only assume that what Mr. Neavling wrote about Cabrera is purely speculative and somewhat irresponsible considering the appeared lack of substance to the article.

IF Cabrera used a gay or any slur for that matter then that’s obviously wrong and certainly deserving of an ejection if not something worse. The same goes for Jim Leyland who was fervently defended his hitter. But it seems like the only thing Neavling has to go on for Sunday’s incident and the June 29th incident with Rodney is lip reading which is puddle deep at best.


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