Matthew Stafford shows you how to celebrate an impending $53 million dollar contract extension


Today Matthew Stafford officially signed his three year contract extension with the Lions that could net him $53 million dollars if he finishes out the deal (which by all account he will). However included in the contract was $41.5 million dollars in guaranteed money money meaning he’ll see at least that over the course of the next few seasons even if he doesn’t finish out the set number of years in the deal.

So like anyone, especially if you’re 25-years old a celebration in likely in order. Hell you can even kill two birds with one stone and celebrate the 4th of July and that big contract coming your way next week right?

Well that certainly seemed to be the case this past weekend.

In a series of pictures and video’s coming via Kelly Hall’s Instagram account (who if you don’t know by now is Stafford’s longtime girlfriend) the Stafford 4th of July/Contract bash was by looks of it pretty amazing. It had everything! A big boat, DJ, plenty of alcohol (it looks like anyways), women in bikini’s and Stafford himself in a Georgia Bulldogs sleeveless shirt!

I also couldn’t help but post these short Instagram videos from a couple of weeks ago… Stafford with his best buds sporting some awesome d-bag glasses…

Now before you go and freak out screaming such nonsense like ‘what the hell is Stafford doing!? Partying when he should be getting ready for the season?!’ keep in mind a few things. One, the Lions aren’t playing right now… it’s summer. Two, I’m sure he’s been preparing himself plenty during his ‘time off’. Three, he’s 25 years old and four these guys aren’t robots they’re going to enjoy themselves from time to time. Hell I would and I’m sure you all would too, especially if I just signed a contract extension for big bucks. Get down from your pedestal.

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