Why the Pistons should trade for Rondo


Boston Celtics v New York Knicks - Game Four

It’s been awhile since we had some meaningful basketball at the Palace and it’s also been awhile since the Pistons have had a player other teams feared.

Simply put it’s time to remedy both those problems and Rajon Rondo could be the guy to do that for Detroit. And since Rondo could in a sense help revive basketball in the Motor City here’s why the Pistons need to explore bringing him aboard.

Boston has exploded and Rondo isn’t going to want to spend his time in the rebuild. But he isn’t going to want to rebuild in Detroit either, it’s a 2 fold move and Detroit better be ready to pay. The good part for Detroit is all Rondo’s teammates he won with are gone and he could walk into Detroit and it would essentially be his team. Rondo excels with the basketball and would fit into the needs Detroit currently has. You also have to factor in what Maurice Cheeks has done with point guards before like Allen Iverson and Russell Westbrook while not evening mentioning his ability to work with potential head cases which Rondo has somewhat demonstrated before.

So who do the Pistons need to give up?

Like I said before the price will be steep but Detroit has the players to pay it. Send Boston Andre Drummond and Brandon Knight for a 27-year old Rondo who is currently in his prime and has demonstrated he can be a very good player in the NBA. Given Drummond and Knight are largely unproven but come with a lot of upside it leaves Rondo anchoring the point, Monroe at center and money to spend.

With that move Joe D just maximized Monroe’s abilities and Detroit can focus either on Iguodala at the wing or Josh Smith at PF. Both will be looking for a dollar amount Detroit can offer and a player to play with that can get them the ball like Rondo. Iguodala would be that Paul Pierce element at SF as were Josh Smith is a pretty versatile big that’s athletic enough to play SF and big enough to play PF. Smith is player that needs to be moved around on the floor and create match ups in his favor; Smith could become the player he thinks he is with Rondo.

This also puts Monroe is the #3 offensive weapon making for a deeper team.
Monroe can be the forgotten man with some big put backs and ability to make kick out passes to lead to easy shots. Either way, Detroit is in need of a big move and this one presents itself.

There’s no reason a Pistons squad with Rondo and a scorer can’t win a playoff series.

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