V-Mart makes defensive play of the year with no look flip to Smyly (VIDEO)



Yeah Tigers DH Victor Martinez may not play in the field everyday anymore but what he did in Sunday’s series finale against the Red Sox may ease any hesitation of giving him a few more starts in the field as the season progresses.

During the 6th inning with one out, Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury hit a chopper to Martinez who initially made a nice play to dive and knock the ball down.

However what happened after that is what was truly amazing.

Rolling into foul territory, Martinez quickly gets to his feet, lunges at the ball and does a no look shovel to Drew Smyly covering first to get the out.

Ellsbury even acknowledged V-Mart’s effort as he made his way back to the Boston dugout.


I also have to say this was a better play than what Mark Buehrle did for the White Sox a couple of years ago. Call me a homer but V-Mart had to make the initial knockdown first then flip. Definitely a play of the season.

h/t: MLB.com, SportsReelBoston

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