Leyland: People are focused on the wrong things and the team will use Valverde until it’s determined he can’t get the job done



Coming on the heels of a Jose Valverde blown save the other night in Kansas City, Tigers manager Jim Leyland was apparently very animated in the pregame talk with the media Friday afternoon in Minnesota. According to Chris Iott of Mlive.com, Leyland gave his comments regarding the Valverde question when it comes to the 9th inning and whether or not people are focused on the right thing.

Here’s a series of tweets from Iott:

So it seems pretty clear, Leyland is going with the guy in the 9th who he believes is the best option on the team right now.

Here’s more from Leyland via Chris Iott:

 “I’m not going to talk about silly (expletive),” Leyland said. “We’re going to do the best we can. We’re going to use Jose Valverde until we decide Jose Valverde can or can’t do it or we’ve got somebody else better. That’s what we’re doing. That’s like everybody else does. That’s what you do. That’s what we’ve got, in our opinion, right now. …

“We’ve got a good team and a lot of guys have been doing good,” Leyland added. “Some guys haven’t been doing as good. Papa Grande’s been good on some occasions. He’s let a couple get away. I haven’t managed great in every situation. Everybody hasn’t hit great in every situation. Somebody made an error once in a while. That’s all baseball. That’s all baseball.”

Leyland also mentioned that Valverde was the first player on the field Friday afternoon working on his splitter with pitching coach Jeff Jones. According to the Skipper Valverde was apparently “pushing” his splitter rather than “throwing it”.

Ahh to be a Tigers fan and Tigers manager in mid June.

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