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Stop the presses! The Detroit Pistons have hired Maurice “Mo” Cheeks…

Well this is the point Detroit Basketball is at, the Pistons hired the equivalent of the Blue Light Special of coaches. Immediately I thought, come on Gores! (for those that lost interest years ago, the Pistons have a new owner and his name is in fact Tom Gores) This is it? You’re a West Coast billionaire that brought in Phil Jackson to help. Boo this man!

Most fans thought Brian Shaw was a given, seeing Jackson’s past ties to him. Shaw was also a man looking for a job, and the Pistons didn’t pull the trigger. (I’m sure we’ll hear more later)

But onto the Pistons and Mo Cheeks

First, who wants to coach this team? They don’t want to pay big time coach money and they don’t have a roster a big time coach would want.
And as for job security… this job has none. Frankly the body count behind Joe D rivals Rambo.

Not to say the roster is terrible, it’s bad, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond lead an impressive, young front court and Brandon Knight at guard has untapped upside.  The problem is after that, what’s left? Not too much. There might be a few rotation players, Singler comes to mind but after him I can’t honestly say there is anyone I like. Players like Stuckey, Bynum, Calderon just muck up the roster. They’re veteran players that cost too much and aren’t filling roles that are resulting in wins. Charlie Villanueva is a curious case, he doesn’t fill a role based on his salary, but he was decent off the bench last year. Ultimately though Charlie V is a player that keeps Detroit going backwards.

So how did we end up with Mo Cheeks as the new head guy with the Pistons? Detroit didn’t waste time and talk to George Karl but where they mess up in my opinion is not paying Lionel Hollins to take this job. Memphis is dumb enough to not give this man a raise after he made Memphis relevant again. He dealt with head cases and underachievers for the Grizz, and got them close.

Now for the folks that think I’m just condemning Detroit further into the basketball abyss, well if you want a positive spin from Cheeks, he has a impressive list of point guards that he has helped develop (Stoudamire, Iverson, and Westbrook)

So what can he do for Brandon Knight?

The Pistons guard has been caught between shooting guard and point. What is he? Cheeks has a good track record with guys in this area. Knight should blossom just in time to get a new deal and be out of town right after Monroe leaves.

So good move Pistons, I guess you like making up ticket sales. Say hello to another 50 loss season especially without some major roster move. I’m also shocked Cheeks took the job. Did he want to be a head coach again that bad?

Bottom line, how much do the Pistons expect to win with a coach that has never been past the first round of the playoffs?

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