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Finally the 2013 NFL Draft is over. After an incredible amount of time invested in mock drafts, film studies and following up with every single pick from Thursday through Saturday, the only thing that’s left is to grade every team and well that’s what I’ll do. So first up with the full seven round grade is the Detroit Lions.

Round One: DE from BYU – Ziggy Ansah

Mayhew stated that he wasn’t sure if they would take Ansah if it wasn’t for him being coached by the Lions coaching staff at the Senior Bowl. Well, that makes me feel somewhat better. However, the Lions, are still in position to take the biggest BOOM or BUST prospect in the draft. The safer pick would have been an OG and by the looks of things, Ansah might have the same impact as a 3rd round DE or he could have elite ability. It’s just the fact that we don’t know and for me that doesn’t rest well because of how the Lions draft history goes.

Overall Grade: C-

Round Two: CB from Mississippi State – Darius Slay

Another pick that I question because of his torn meniscus. I understand that overcoming knee injuries nowadays are basically nothing and I understand Slay is one guy who won’t need surgery. Cool, but at the 36th overall pick, he was a bit of a reach, especially with his counterpart in Jonathan Banks still being on the board. Filling a need is nice and I know he has some value but again, how high is Slay’s ceiling? I don’t think he’ll ever be a number one corner.

Overall Grade: C+

Round Three: OG from Kentucky – Larry Warford

How Warford fell to the third round is beyond me. This pick saved the whole draft for them because there wasn’t one offensive lineman I would have took here except for maybe Barrett Jones from Alabama. Overall though, Warford is a third round pick who will be the starting right guard of the Detroit Lions. I like that.

Overall Grade: B+

Round Four: DE from South Carolina – Devin Taylor

For me it’s dissapointing knowing that Alex Okafor from Texas went in this round and if the Lions would have had a normal fourth round pick instead of a compensatory pick then he possibly would have been a Lion. Overall, Taylor is an alright pick but I think he devalues the Jason Jones signing in a sense but Taylor is 6’7 and reminds me of Michael Johnson with that height. We can only hope he turns into a player like him.

Overall Grade: C

Round Five: P from Appalachian State – Sam Martin

Not the exact pick I wanted to see, especially since we needed help at OLB and OT but Martin is a guy who could make an immediate impact with his ability to punt inside the 20 yard line.

Overall Grade: C+

Round Six: WR from Virginia Tech – Corey Fuller 

This is a pick that I like a lot because of his ability with his feet. Fuller is extremely fast and in my opinion will open up the field for guys like Johnson, Burleson and Pettigrew. We knew they were taking a WR, but we can all smile and be happy that it’s in the sixth round.

Overall Grade: B-

Round Six: RB/WR from Notre Dame – Theo Reddick 

I understand this pick because of his ability to play a part in the return game but with two players I really liked in OLB from Ty Powell (Harding) and OT Reid Fragel (Ohio State) on the board, I thought that would have been better, especially since you just took Fuller.

Overall Grade: C-

Round Seven: TE from Alabama – Michael Williams

A few weeks back I read that they were going to take a TE and Williams is the best blocking TE in the draft. This could eventually turn into a steal for the Lions as a red zone option.

Overall Grade: B-

Round Seven: ILB from Florida A&M – Brandon Hepburn 

Not the player that I thought we’d take but he’s definitely a special teams player. His value isn’t really there other than the fact he adds depth and can be a special teams contributor.

Overall Grade: C

Personally I hope I’m wrong on most of my grades and that each of these picks turn into a A+ players in the league but the odds of that happening are slim with the way the Lions have drafted in the past. However, it’s nice to see them go after NEED after NEED in this year’s draft. To me I understand the need of each of the players the Lions drafted, I’m just hoping from a fan standpoint that each player holds their own with every way they play their position and their spot on the depth chart.

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