Greg Monroe doesn’t expect a contract extension before 2014 free agency



Coming up this summer, the 2010 NBA draft class will be eligible for contract extensions, which would include Pistons big man Greg Monroe.

Since being taken 7th overall by Joe Dumars, Greg Monroe has certainly been a nice addition to a team in full rebuild mode especially this season with is 15.9 points and 9.6 rebounds a game with 48.9 percent shooting. He seems like the guy that the Pistons’ brass would like to extend a new contract to since the Moose has been one of those quality building blocks for Detroit.

However, Monroe’s agent David Falk told the Detroit Free Press that there doesn’t appear to be any plans to talk extension and that it will get sorted out in 2014 when his client becomes a restricted free agent.

“Greg isn’t gonna go backwards between his third and fourth year,” Falk said. “I don’t think I’ve ever done an extension after a third year. In the 90′s you maxed out a guy after his second, but the (CBA) rules are different now.”

“When I evaluate things, with a player of Greg’s stature: Take the money out of the equation. I can get it from five different teams. ‘Are there players I want to play with? A coach I want to play for? A city I want to live in?’ My job is to make the money as insignificant as possible (relatively).”

I’m really not reading too much into what Mr. Falk has to say, especially when he’s uttering such nonsense like making the money as insignificant as possible (for a player). Needless to say too, whoever those other five teams are that Falk speaks of the Pistons can match any offer given the restricted free agent status of Monroe.

The Pistons can’t get crazy though with Monroe, despite the quality of play he’s displayed thus far with the team.

Monroe isn’t a franchise type and shouldn’t be paid as such. Nonetheless I don’t expect him to get that kind of money from any other team let alone the Pistons. However with the $20 million in salary cap and nice young building blocks to go along with himself, I don’t see Monroe going anywhere the summer of 2014.

h/t: Detroit Free Press

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