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Should the Red Wings trade Pavel Datsyuk?



Ok, I understand if you might think I’m crazy but hear me out. I’ll start with a disclaimer and say this is a “what if scenario” with the situation being the Red Wings out of the playoffs at the trade deadline.

So here it goes, Datsyuk is a premier player and regarded as one of the top 3 players in the game with some some considering him the best. And no matter how one feels about him the general outlook on Datsyuk is very high meaning he would net quite a ransom for Detroit if dealt.

In a perfect world Detroit would still be a cup contender but this season barring some miracle they are not. I’m a huge fan of Pavel and think of him as the elite player he is but to be honest the Wings lack the talent to have a successful playoff run and might even miss the playoffs this season.

So with all that said, here’s why this trade makes sense for the Red Wings:

  1. Datsyuk has aged like a fine wine, but at 34, almost 35 what can you build around him?
  2. The Wings need more talent. This season has the look of Detroit getting a possible draft pick in the top 10 for the first time in many years. Add a Datsyuk trade to that and the sky is the limit on the bounty. A 1st round draft pick and a couple of younger players to build around would be excellent.
  3. There were whispers about Pavel going back home at the end of his current deal. This in part was fueled by Datysuk enjoying playing in the KHL during the lockout and at some point would like to finish his career in Russia. Holland is a smart GM and you would think he’d rather be more proactive rather than reactive when it came to the speculation surrounding his star forward.
  4. Every contender would be interested in Datsyuk and you would wonder what Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Vancouver or San Jose would offer? For example, if Boston offered David Krejic or Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand for Datsyuk how do you say no? Or what about the Ducks giving up Bobby Ryan and a 1st round draft pick? You have to listen if you’re Holland.
  5. This could start the re-shaping of the Red Wings. With Datsyuk traded it’s a chance to package Franzen with him or at least use the cap cut. The Red Wings are in great shape this offseason and are one of the teams that will not have to get rid of pieces to get under the cap. Plus they’ll have money to spend.

Big time trades in the NHL aren’t exactly common either though but it happens. Finding out what’s best for the club should always be on the table. Likewise the Wings need to talk to Datsyuk and find out if he intends to stay in the NHL or go back home to Russia at the end of his current contract which expires at the end of next season.

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