Tigers probably increase their chances of signing Scherzer long-term after avoiding arbitration



Monday evening Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that the Tigers had signed RHP Max Scherzer to a one-year deal that would pay the 28-year-old $6.725 million for 2013.

Furthermore Heyman points out that the two sides seemed to of met in the middle as the $6.725 number was in between the $7.4 million Scherzer was seeking and the $6.05 million the Tigers were originally offering.

Now with Scherzer signed the Tigers now have zero players heading to arbitration something that GM Dave Dombrowski has been very adamant in avoiding.

And for good reason too.

The arbitration process is something that all teams like to avoid especially if they’re hoping to get certain players signed to long-term deals once their arbitration eligibility runs out. Hearings in front of an arbitrator can become extremely damaging to a relationship with a player since teams present their case as to why that player isn’t worth the money they’re seeking.

Still the $6.725 seems to be good value for the Tigers given Scherzer’s 231 strikeouts in 2012 were good for second in the AL while his 11.1 average strikeouts per nine was the best in the AL.

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