Goodbye 2004: Pistons deal Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to Memphis for Jose Calderon in three team deal



The final remaining piece of the 2004 Championship team is gone.

Wednesday Joe Dumars become involved in a three team trade with Memphis and Toronto that centered around Rudy Gay of the Grizzlies. No the Pistons didn’t acquire Gay, which would have been awesome but they did receive point guard Jose Calderon in the deal who was originally sent to the Grizzlies.

Going to Memphis for Calderon is Tayshaun Prince, who has spent his entire 10 1/2 year career with the Pistons along with Austin Daye who has been pretty much a non factor since being taken by Detroit in the first round back in 2009.

ESPN’s Marc Stein was one of the first who reported on the deal saying the Pistons along with the Dallas Mavericks seemed to be at the front of the line to land Calderon. Memphis however was asking for Vince Carter in return something that the Mavericks were hesitant to do.

Obviously it’s going to be a little sad for some fans seeing Tayshaun go given what he’s done for the team in the past. I’m sure we all remember the huge block on Reggie Miller in the playoffs and the 2004 Championship. But if the Pistons are going to repeat what they did almost a decade ago they need younger talent in the fold.

With Tayshaun Prince’s contract (two years of a four year deal still remaining) the Pistons free up even more cap space heading into the offseason to further fill some holes on the roster. This is especially considering the Pistons aren’t stuck in any long-term commitment with Calderon given he’s on the final year of his deal.

That however doesn’t mean Calderon can’t contribute.

As the season progresses Lawrence Frank will have more flexibility in the back court as he can move Brandon Knight (who seems to be more of a shooter than point) over to the two spot while Calderon can take over at the point.

In 45 games so far this season Calderon is shooting .470 from the field and .429 from beyond the arc. He’s also averaging 11.1 points per game and 7.4 assists per game.

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