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Jordin Tootoo further proves that fans can learn to love just about anyone



Tuesday night Jordin Tootoo, one of the Wings’ newest players from the offseason engaged in two separate fights within the span of 20 minutes as Detroit went on to beat the Stars 4-1.

The first Tootoo fight came just three seconds into the opening period when he dropped the gloves with Eric Nystrom sending the JLA crowd into a frenzy.


Now under first impression it would seem that Tootoo’s presence with the Wings is a popular one. He’s a high energy guy that’s not going to get a ton of minutes but will provide a spark to both the team and fans when he lays out an opponent or gets into a fight.

Tootoo though was a guy Red Wings fans loved to hate a year ago and for good reason. He played for divisional rival Nashville, is known as a huge pest in the League and has been involved in some dirty incidents on the ice, namely knocking out Stéphane Robidas last March.

Still though the moment a guy puts on the red jersey with the Winged Wheel it seems as though almost all is forgiven despite what some may say. Which is why I never bought into the fan who stated they could never cheer for a guy even if he played for their team. Or even better, the self righteous fan who seems to believe that a certain player doesn’t fit their organization’s moral standard. 

If Sydney Crosby was all of a sudden traded to Detroit everyone would love him.

If Patrick Kane was traded to Detroit everyone would love him.

Hell if Ed Belfour came to the Wings in his heyday everyone would love it.

Of course this is given they perform which is an entirely different situation. But the bottom line is the Wings’ standard is winning and if Tootoo is a guy that can help the Wings do that then so be it.

We saw the love rain down on Chris Chelios after his years with the Blackhawks and in a way we’ve seen with with Todd Bertuzzi after all that he’s been through in the League.

Now we’re seeing it with Jordin Tootoo.

h/t: Detroit Free Press (image)

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