Your daily Titus Young tweets: He’s going to the Hall of Fame… says Titus Young



So Titus Young is back to giving his agent a stroke and ruining any chance of the Lions let alone any other team taking a chance on him this upcoming season.

How you say?

Twitter of course!

In what has become almost a daily occurrence of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, mindless ranting and flat out comedy Young once again took  to the social media platform to pretty much tell the world he’s going to Canton among other things.

Uh oh… was that a threat right back to the Lions front office?! I hope Titus likes Canada…

No… you had it right the first time. But this keeps getting better and better! Maybe he’s a Kardashian fan?

HA! I’m sure Canton has your bust on order right now…

At least Lions fans have something to look forward each day until the draft.


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