Colts’ McGlynn angry with Suh: “That’s why they lose”


So what would a Monday morning in Detroit be like without a Lions loss and more Ndamukong Suh controversy?

Well it would be a nice change of pace however like any other Monday morning we did have another Lions loss and more Ndamukong Suh controversy.

During yesterday’s 35-33 loss at the hands of the Colts, Suh angered a number of Indianapolis players after he hit right tackle Winston Justice to the ground, celebrated and laughed with teammates while Justice lay injured with an apparent concussion. This came after a Don Carey interception in the fourth quarter. (via

Totally ignorant on their part,” Colts right guard Mike McGlynn said, via Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. “Just childish stuff. We’re all battling out there; I don’t know if the hit was legal or not, but clearly he was hurt, and they’re out there dancing and pointing at him and laughing. Just blatant disrespect. They’re good players but there’s no room for that. It’s disgusting, really.

“If that had happened to one of their players, we’d never do something like that. But that’s what makes this even sweeter. That’s why they lose. I hope they never win another game.”

This more so sounds like a media ploy to further add to Suh’s reputation. Kravitz seems like he’s the one who mentioned Suh’s name while McGlynn is referring to the Lions as a whole. And given the reputation the Lions have garnered (especially Suh) as being a “dirty” team, we can’t really give them the benefit of the doubt. However I ask this, is Suh suppose to be able to diagnose concussions? You also have to put this in perspective, it came after an interception in the fourth quarter which should’ve helped put away the Colts.

The argument that football is a rough and unforgiving game certainly applies more here than in any other situation.



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