WHAT A WASTE: Titus Young’s interview transcript and video link


After purposely sabotaging his team’s offense a couple weeks ago against Green Bay, Lions WR Titus Young had an opportunity to clear the air with the media and more importantly the fans Friday afternoon during a media session from Allen Park. And in what seems to be typical Titus Young fashion the diva totally wasted yet another chance to make things right.

No apologies and no explanations… Here’s the very short transcript of Young’s interview today (via The Detroit News)

Q. What can you tells us about your dismissal from the team this past week?
A. What happens in-house stays in-house.

Q. Are you disappointed that you’ve been dismissed twice in the last six months?

A. Well, I just made my comment on that whole situation.

Q. How do you feel like you have progressed this week?

A. Well …

Q. Do you expect to be in the plans on Sunday?

A. It’s all in God’s hands.

Q. Coach (Jim Schwartz) said you have to be more accountable and you have to grow up. Do you think what you are doing now is part of that?

A. You have to talk to coach about that.

Q. What would you say to Lions fans who wonder why they should trust you won’t do it again?

A. Well, I am not here to talk about the past.

Q. Do you understand people’s curiosity in what goes on with Titus Young and the Lions?

A. (No response.)

Q. Are you disappointed in yourself?

A. I am not here to comment about the past.


Lions veteran Dominic Raiola also weighed in on Young’s actions…

“It’s not a distraction because we have moved on from him,” Raiola said. “If he wants to be an a——, let him be an a——. It’s not my problem. What we can control is the guys who want to be here. I want people who want to be here and I think everybody else wants the same thing.

“If you don’t want to be here, then leave.”

That Ryan Broyles pick is becoming much more clear at this point, unfortunately it still doesn’t let Mayhew and company off the hook.

h/t: Detroit News, Fox 2 Detroit


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