VIDEO: Unlike Matt Schaub, Arian Foster can’t say that Ndamukong Suh isn’t “Houston Texan worthy”


Earlier in the week, Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub told Houston radio station SportsRadio 610 that he wouldn’t want Ndamukong Suh as a teammate and that Suh wasn’t “Houston Texan” worthy… whatever that means. Of course the question came after the now much publicized Thanksgiving Game between the Lions and Texans where not only one of the most egregious NFL rules was unearthed but Schaub was kicked in the groin by Ndamukong Suh.

The play itself came into questions as to whether or not Suh intentionally tried to deliver the kick to Schaub’s groin given the Detroit’s defensive tackles past reputation.

Unlike Schaub though, Houston Texan running back Arian Foster disagreed with his quarterback’s opinion on whether or not Suh was “Houston Texan worthy”.


For the record I do believe that Suh tried to deliver a kick to Schaub, just no necessarily where it landed. And because of where it landed I really don’t fault Schaub for being upset which is why I thought the question asked to him was kind of rhetorical given everything that happened. It was refreshing however to hear Foster’s statement’s on Suh knowing that when Suh’s on his game he would be a tremendous help to any one of the other 31 NFL teams. It was also a welcomed site seeing a professional athlete (who often times mimic politicians in their public speaking) express what’s on his mind rather than simply agree with a teammate.

Meanwhile Suh has yet to comment on Schaub’s comments or the incident itself which he more than likely won’t Wednesday when he’s scheduled to talk to the media. However he may of given some insight on situation with a tweet he posted earlier on Tuesday.

h/t: ESPN, Bleacher Report

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