Matt Schaub doesn’t believe Ndamukong Suh is “Houston Texan worthy”


Once again in the days following a Lions Thanksgiving Day game, a lot of the debate and discussion is surrounding the actions of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

After kicking Houston quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin during Thursday’s game the debate rages on as to whether or not it was done intentionally. Although Suh hasn’t commented on the specific play Schaub himself has been pretty vocal on the matter in the days after.

During an interview with In the Loop with Nick and Lopez on 610 AM in Houston, Schaub was asked if he would like Suh as a teammate (which is a pretty odd question all things considered) where he simply stated “No”.

Schaub then went on to say that the Houston Texans wouldn’t welcome Suh on the team since the team believes in playing the game the right way.

“No, you don’t want a player like that,” Schaub said. “The stuff that he stands for and the type of player he is, that’s not Houston Texan worthy. That’s not what we’re about.”

It’s still unclear if the NFL will take action against Suh however the League did say they are reviewing the tape after it caught their attention.

Up until this incident Suh’s controversy on the field was relatively quiet after a very publicized 2011 season. And leading up to the Thanksgiving Game Suh was named as the League’s dirtiest player in a players poll conducted by the Sporting News.


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