VIDEO: Phil Coke does a pretty good Miguel Cabrera impression


Last week 89X ran a contest on who could do the best Miguel Cabrera impersonation for a chance to win tickets to Game 4 of the ALCS against the Yankees. First let it be known that I’m no fan of 89X or the cookie cutter morning show they have going on but nonetheless it was pretty funny to hear just how awful these impressions were. The winner’s impression was even god awful.

However, Tigers reliever Phil Coke seems to have the Cabrera impression down and I’m positive he would’ve won if he called in despite obviously not needing the tickets.

During an interview with “Intentional Talk” on the MLB Network, Coke discusses a conversation he had with Cabrera on their first meeting in the Major Leagues where… he gives a dead on Cabrera impression.

This is sound bite gold to say the least…

h/t: MLB Network, WXYT

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