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Detroit Sports Weekly 48: Is it time to forgive Jim Leyland and the Tigers for the up and down season?


In this special World Series edition of Detroit Sports Weekly, Tigers editor Stephan Rhymer of The Majors Detroit joins Adam Hernandez to discuss the Tigers’ run to the World Series, knee jerk reactions from fans and whether or not it’s time to forgive manager Jim Leyland for the up and down season the Tigers game us in 2012.

Further more Adam also takes a look at the big rivalry game between Michigan State and Michigan.

Big Ten Picks (my picks in BOLD)

Purdue +18.5 vs. #7 Ohio State – WIN
Minnesota +17 vs. Wisconsin – LOSS
Nebraska vs. Northwestern – LOSS
Indiana +2.5 vs. Navy – WIN
Penn State +2.5 vs. Iowa – LOSS
Michigan State +9.5 vs. #23 Michigan – WIN

NFC North Picks (my picks in BOLD)
Cardinals +6.5 vs. Vikings
Packers vs. Rams +5
Lions +6.5 vs. Bears

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