Cabrera planning on talking to Alburquerque over kiss incident, believes you should ‘respect the game’


If you didn’t think Miguel Cabrera was a leader in the clubhouse before, perhaps this will change your mind.

According to NESN.com, Cabrera plans on talking with reliever Al Alburquerque after the incident yesterday when he (Alburquerque) kissed the ball when Yoenis Cespedes hit a come backer to the mound, ending the Oakland threat in the 9th inning.

“You cannot do that, that’s just not right,” Cabrera told USA TODAY Sports. “This game is about respect. We know he’s excited, but you have to respect the game. “I will talk to him, and tell him that you cannot do that.”
The move, which Alburqueque maintains he meant nothing by, didn’t sit too well with A’s players in Josh Reddick and Jonny Gomes. Reddick referred to Alburquerque’s actions asimmaturewhile Gomes referenced thebaseball godsand karma ultimately coming back to haunt the Tigers who are now on the verge of their second straight trip to the ALCS.
Tigers managers manager Jim Leyland didn’t give too much insight on the what happened with Alburquerque saying only that he wouldn’t try to defend it while catcher Alex Avila believing it was just Al being Al.
“I’ve seen it before,” Avila reportedly said in amusement, “but not with a guy running to first base. “Nothing surprises me with Al. He’s like in his own world sometimes. You’re going to see some crazy things on the mound when he’s out there.”
And here’s what Yoenis Cespedes had to say regarding what happened Sunday…

“It’s OK, It’s not a problem for me,” Cespedes said after the game, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “We’re not finished yet and when we get back to Oakland, I’m going to hit the ball hard against him -– and kiss my bat.”
Either way the Athletics don’t have much room for talk in this series as they are now forced to win out at home once again, this time though to avoid elimination.
h/t: NESN.com, USA Today

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