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Coastal Carolina Cheerleading team being investigated for alleged prostitution among other shenanigans


Coastal Carolina

The Coastal Carolina cheerleading team may have been engaged in other fundraising opportunities according to allegations the group was partaking in prostitution, buying alcohol for underage minors and paying others to complete their homework assignments.

University president David DeCenzo was tipped off by an anonymous letter of the team’s alleged extra curricular activities per a WMBF News report.

“According to the cheerleader, the team was met by police outside the HTC Center after practice, who called the names of individual team members, and took them to CCU’s police station for questioning. During the questioning, the cheerleader said police searched through their cell phones. She said officers then told them they could leave around 11 p.m., after telling them they did nothing wrong.

There are currently no incident reports pertaining to the conduct investigation, CCU Vice President of Communications William M. Plate Jr. stated.

The cheerleading section of the CCU Athletics website, which once featured pictures of each member of the squad, has been removed from the website, and now directs to the school’s main Spirit Team page.”

Police aren’t involved, yet however the school has responded by suspending the team indefinitely I’m sure pending an investigation.

Obviously this is a bit of a change of pace when it comes to college athletic programs getting popped for *insert offense here*. Noteworthy enough however prostitution isn’t something new to college programs. Aren’t I right Coach Pitino?

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