The Chargers announce they’re moving to Los Angeles



Since the NFL is unable to learn from past mistakes, the Chargers announced today they’re packing up and heading north to Los Angeles.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos made the move official – which will take place next season – posting a letter on Twitter while notably¬†changing the team’s logo (seen above) to coincide with the team’s intentions for the 2017 campaign. Not to mention that new logo looks oddly similar to another team in town…

The move isn’t surprising in the least bit. Over the past couple of seasons it’s in fact been expected that the Chargers would move out of San Diego given their low attendance numbers and desire for a new stadium. However it’s always going to come into question whether or not the city of Los Angeles can support one team let alone two.

Let’s not forget the NFL as well as LA have been down this road before with the Rams and Raiders.

The last season LA hosted two NFL teams was back in 1994 when the Raiders played at the Coliseum (the current home of the Rams) while the Rams played in nearby Anaheim at Anaheim Stadium. It was also during that season both teams suffered when it came to attendance as the Rams came in dead last for home attendance while the Raiders didn’t fair much better at 24th.

Obviously given the new stadium being built for both teams the fan turnout will have to be much better this time around.

Currently the Chargers will play at the StubHub Center (home of the Galaxy) for two seasons before moving into that new shared venue with the Rams.



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