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The Cavs have probably cut ties with more than just David Griffin



In one of the more surprising moves this young NBA offseason, the Cavs cut ties with general manager David Griffin, a GM who helped bring that franchise more success in three years than they’ve seen in their entire existence. Not only that, Griffin helped bring the entire city of Cleveland more success in three years than they’ve seen in a lifetime.

Here’s Griffin with a statement on his departure:

The last sentence says a lot and seems to indicate that Griffin’s departure probably has more to do with Dan Gilbert wanting to go in another direction and effectively showing his GM the door. The current rumor regarding the divide between Gilbert and Griffin was Gilbert wanted to move Kyrie Irving while Griffin wanted to stay clear of such a transaction.

However the exodus out of Cleveland may not stop with Griffin. Sure the Cavaliers are still going to be in a good position coming out of the East next season with or without their general manager. The question though lies beyond 2017-18 when Cleveland could have yet another¬†decision¬†on their hands when it comes to an even bigger piece to their success and that’s LeBron James.

The speculation currently is LeBron James may jet the Cavaliers for a second time after next season and head out west to join either the Lakers or Clippers. This could be especially appealing to James if and when Paul George heads out west himself to join the Lakers in 2018.


But how does this connect back to Griffin’s departure?

First off it was LeBron who was campaigning for Griffin to keep his job. Second it was Gilbert who side stepped James when he ultimately decided to let Griffin go, something you can do with most players in the NBA, but not the best.

There was this subtweet from James who may or may not have gotten a jab in at his owner:

Finally there’s the rumblings that Chauncey Billups will emerge as a candidate for the Cavs vacancy which I’m sure probably won’t sit well with LeBron.

Yes, Billups was a fine NBA player but he has zero GM experience and has not hesitated to criticize James in the past.

It’s entirely possible LeBron would have left Cleveland even if Griffin was still in place as Cavs GM. However the move by Gilbert, a guy who James has had his run-in’s with before more than likely hasn’t helped persuade the King into staying beyond next season.

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