Detroit Red Wings

Brian Boyle of the Lightning called Justin Abdelkader of the Red Wings a chicken



Tensions between the Lightning and Red Wings continued to run high Sunday afternoon in waning seconds of a 2-0 win for Detroit.

Much like game two back in Tampa a brawl broke out with Justin Abdelkader of the Red Wings being the prime target after he busted the face of Lightning forward Mike Blunden the other night.

This is where Brian Boyle stepped in and tried to get some retribution for his teammate (who took nine stitches) however Abdelkader – who got a game misconduct in game two and was teetering on a suspension this time around – was having none of it.

Not to mention Boyle had about six inches and 25 pounds on the smaller Abdelkader.

Boyle did however manage to get a few pops in on Abelkader along with motioning over to him as being chicken for not dropping the gloves.

Either way, the series along with these smaller on ice battles are far from over. It’ll also make for a much more interesting handshake line when everything is all said and done.

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