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Blue Jays issue statement on d-bag fan who threw the beer


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The Blue Jays released a statement Wednesday after a fan threw a beer bottle at Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim during Tuesday’s American League Wild Card Game from Rogers Centre.

The incident itself took place during the bottom of the seventh with two-out. As Kim went to settle underneath the deep fly ball that hit the warning track, a bottle came flying down from the stands seconds before the ball settled in Kim’s glove. Adam Jones was visibly upset – and for good reason – yelling up into the crowd before having to be led away by the umpire.

Toronto Police say they have photos of the fan in question who threw the beer and are asking they turn himself in before they release the images. Meanwhile several businesses in and around the Toronto area have offered up rewards for anyone who turns in the perpetrator. This includes the Toronto Sun whose offered up $1,000 dollars for help in identifying the beer-chucking ass clown.

Seriously though, what kind of pathetic loser do you have to be to throw a beer bottle at a player during a baseball game? I’m guessing there’s simply nothing else happening in this sad individuals life that he (or she) that they find it necessary to go to these lengths. It makes you wonder if this is absolutely all they have to invest their time into.

Anyways the Blue Jays have also since come out and said they’ll implement new security procedures during the ALDS which may include limiting alcohol consumption late in games. What ever though they plan to do it was probably necessary before what happened yesterday when you consider the budding rivalry between the Jays and Texas Rangers.

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