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On behalf of Justin Verlander, Tigers ‘fans’ go to Hell



Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander is far to classy to say this and wouldn’t dare bring it up. He would say (pp) “Tiger fans pay my salary and they have every right to state their opinion”.

However coming off an outing where Justin Verlander pitches one of the ten best games he’s ever pitched for the Tigers in a career that has seen two no hitters and a one hitter, I should be glad to see that JV has had a wonderful eight game run that rivals any he’s had in his almost decade long career.

Instead as I look through my Facebook feed, I see so many Detroit Tiger “fans” damn near weeping over how “JV’s back”. The same trolls that called him done, that claimed his contract was an albatross, the same trolls that said he should have walked and we should have focused on Scherzer, that said try to trade him and hold on to Price.


DETROIT, MI – AUGUST 26: Pitcher Justin Verlander #35 of the Detroit Tigers reacts after giving up a double to Chris Iannetta of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to end his no-hit bid during the ninth inning at Comerica Park on August 26, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

Now I’m supposed to believe that you never lost faith in Verlander?

You know you Tiger fans make me glad I left Michigan. The ones that wanted Cabrera released after his drunk incident, but sure love your .212 hitting Brandon Inge, or try to equate Brennan Boesch to Al Kaline. I have always thought the standard Tiger fan 2.0 established in 2006 couldn’t pour urination out of a boot with the toe cut out and directions on the heel. But your treatment of arguably the best pitcher in Tiger history (save maybe Newhouser) shows me most of you wouldn’t know a real baseball organization and it’s history if it were laid out in front of most of you like a Dick and Jane book.

So JV has thicker skin than I, Miggy shook off the maltreatment… I’m loyal to the Olde English D, but I unlike them, owe you nothing. So to you ignorant and arrogant Tiger fans on behalf of two of the great Tigers…

Go to hell really.

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a lifelong state of Michigan fan professional and college. Living in the Sierra Mountain foothills 70 miles away from Yosemite National Park, but in spite of being inundated with San Francisco and Oakland stuff, I still represent the 313, 734, 989, 517, 616 etc…

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