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AAA’s Del Perro Aguayo dies after match with Rey Mysterio



Del Perro Aguayo, a 35-year-old professional wrestler with AAA out of Mexico died early Saturday morning after injuries sustained during a Friday night match against former WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio Jr., TNA’s Manik and Tigre Uno (who goes by Extreme Triger in Mexico).

Aguayo’s death was reportedly caused by cervical spine trauma after an apparent kick by Mysterio to set up his signature 619 move, a swinging kick on the ropes. It was further reported that Aguayo struck his head on the ropes while going down to get in position for Mysterio’s finisher.

Video of the incident can be seen below. Viewer discretion is advised.

After it was clear something had gone wrong, Mysterio along with former WCW wrestler Konnan (who was outside the ring) began improvising to hurry and end the match.

Aguayo was taken to Del Prado Hospital by paramedics where attempts to revive him failed. He was pronounced dead at 1AM local time.

Obviously this is the worst possible scenario to happen during a scripted pro wrestling match but still goes to show there’s still some level of authenticity that happens during one of these types of bouts. Nonetheless the moves executed by Mysterio were about as basic as they come in the professional wrestling world. The kick originally delivered from Mysterio is something that just about every pro wrestler executes in every single match they perform in while the 619 is a move the veteran lucha libre Mysterio has been doing for his entire 20 plus year career.

Our condolences go out to Del Perro Aguayo’s family and friends at this difficult time.

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