VIDEO: Zack Grienke fractures collar bone in brawl with Carlos Quentin, Matt Kemp waits for Quentin after game


Dodgers starting pitcher Zack Grienke suffered a broken collarbone Thursday night after taking part in a brawl with Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin.

The brawl was sparked after a 3-2 pitch by Greinke hit Quentin up near his left shoulder. After this Quentin wasted little time charging the mound before Greinke looked to go shoulder first into him which probably was the cause of the injury.

According to ESPN Stats and Info Quentin has been hit by a pitch an MLB leading 42 times since 2011 while Greinke has hit him three times prior.

The brawl wasn’t the end of things though between these two teams. After the game LA’s Matt Kemp confronted Quentin as they left the ballpark with Clayton Richard of the Padres getting between them. The two eventually had to be separated by police.


h/t: Jon Morosi, USA Today, The Big Lead, ESPN Stats & Info

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