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Report: Red Sox OF Carl Crawford wants surgery


According to two sources close to Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford, he is apparently reluctant to tell the Red Sox front office that he would like to shut it down for the rest of the season. Crawford reportedly wants to have surgery to repair the torn ulnar collateral ligament in his left elbow.

The sources however say Crawford is worried on how it would be perceived if he opted for the surgery during the season after an underwhelming performance in 2011.

From ESPN:

Crawford spoke with Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington on Saturday — before a report surfaced that he plans to tell them in the next couple of days of his wish to have surgery — and according to the GM made no mention of wanting to proceed with an operation. Cherington said he has not spoken with Crawford since the report, and Crawford was not in the visitors’ clubhouse when reporters were allowed entry after Boston’s 4-1 win over the Yankees.

In 2012 when it rains in Boston it pours. You have to ask yourself though is this just Crawford’s way of getting an out after a disastrous season in Bean Town? Lets not forget that at the end of July players met with Red Sox ownership expressing their displeasure playing for manager Bobby Valentine.

I’m not doubting Crawford’s hurt but I would lay money down that he wouldn’t opt for the surgery if he was playing for a manger he actually liked and on a team that was any good.


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