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VIDEO: Ohio State goes crazy on team bus after Auburn win over Alabama


Auburn’s win over No. 1 Alabama has far more significance than state bragging rights, it has National Championship implications.

With the Crimson Tide loss, Ohio State has a chance to go the National Championship Game IF they can beat Michigan State in the B1G Championship Game next weekend in Indianapolis.

Those possibilities for the Buckeyes could be seen here with the reaction on the team’s bus after Chris Harris ran it back for the Auburn victory.

However there’s still that big IF for Ohio State considering the way their defense looked against a down and out Michigan team Saturday who was just a two-point conversion away from ending Urban Meyer’s undefeated streak.

Aside from the Buckeyes No. 2 Florida State will play No. 24 Duke in the ACC Championship Game which would put the Seminoles in the National Championship Game with a win.

A loss from either Ohio State or Florida State could end up putting South Carolina, Missouri or even Auburn in the game. Of course this all could be thrown off if Ohio State and Florida State both were to lose.


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