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Corner Outfielders:

Who’s Available:

Corner Outfielders


With so many teams needing power out of the corner outfield and so little on the market that can fill the need, there are several people that will be landing fat contracts this off season. Shin-Soo Choo, after having a monster year in Cincinnati will get the mega contract that he is worthy of and Carlos Beltran will be handsomely rewarded by a contender that is just one player away. That is if  Beltran doesn’t decide to stay with St. Louis who already has in-house options and won’t break the bank to keep him. Nelson Cruz, despite his steroid suspension will also get a multi-year deal and will continue to slug away.

Guys like Nate McLouth and David Murphy, who are both platoon quality bats, will get paid more than their worth because they are the best the secondary market has to offer.

Center Fielders:

Who’s Available:

Center Fielders

This is a decent year to need a center fielder. Top talent Jacoby Ellsbury will get a mega deal that he is totally worth every penny of, but will likely never live up to because of an extensive injury history. Coco Crisp will never wow you with the batting average, but always seems to be on base, exactly what you want in a center fielder/lead-off hitter. Curtis Granderson if he can ever stay healthy, can be a 3.0+ WAR guy again. Health though hasn’t been his M.O. in recent years as age may begin to catch up with him. Chris Young has never been a high batting average guy but still has the upside worthy of a shot at a starting job.


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