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PICTURE: Red Sox take out full page ad thanking St. Louis Cardinals


After defeating the St. Louis Cardinals for the second time in the past decade, the Boston Red Sox took out this full page ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thanking the fans and organization from one great baseball town to another.


This Family Guy clip best describes my thoughts on this pompous, condescending, self-righteous move that unsurprisingly comes from the Red Sox organization.

But it’s not just the Red Sox. The Blackhawks did a similar move to ironically enough the Boston Bruins after Chicago was able to beat them in the Stanley Cup Finals last season.


Perhaps there may be more meaning to it coming from the team that lost. For some reason or another I can’t see the Red Sox (or Blackhawks for that matter) taking out the full page ad if they lost in their respective Championship series’.


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