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24 years ago today, Robin Ventura got his ass beat by Nolan Ryan


Robin Ventura

Happy Robin Ventura got his head caved in by Nolan Ryan day everyone!

On this date 24 years ago Nolan Ryan stood his ground against an unsuspecting Robin Ventura in one of the most memorable MLB brawls in history. Memorable for the simple fact that Ryan essentially won a fight with someone 20-years younger than him.

At this time, Ryan was 46 and at the end of his career while Robin Ventura at 26 was just entering the prime of his.

And still learning valuable lessons nonetheless.

Other amazing aspects of the brawl were Ventura being ejected while Ryan was able to stay in the game, Ventura was the only batter that Ryan hit that season and the White Sox had two future managers on the field at that time. One being Ventura and the other being Ozzie Guillen who was playing short.

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